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Pregnancy program by Sonali Shivlani

Are you ready for the most exciting journey of your life?

CLAY presents A to Z Programs for Mothers to be and the new Moms and is the only program in the city which includes spouse involvement at every stage. So bring your partner along as you prepare for this wonderful journey to Motherhood. Specially formulated and conducted by our expert Sonali Shivlani – Internationally Certified Child Birth Trainer and Lactation Counselor. Here’s what we offer.

Diet Planning, Exercises, Psychological Preparation.

Diet and Nutrition, General Issues, Safe Exercises, Baby Care, Breast Feeding, Post Natal Care, Regular Ante-Natal Exercise Sessions, Labour and Delivery.

Diet Planning for Breast Feeding and Weight Loss, Exercises, Breast Feeding Support, Dealing with Baby Blues, Baby Massage and Exercises.

Nutrition Analysis- A great springboard for future health

Sonali also recommends a periodic Nutrition Analysis for your child, to help in healthy weaning and also provide solutions that help mothers combat present day fast food culture. This assessment includes a complete nutrient analysis which will list child’s intakes and deficiencies (if any), foods to be introduced to cover the deficiencies and an ideal meal plan.

Sonali Shivlani

(Ante Natal Care) - An internationally certified Child Birth Educator from CAPPA (Child Birth and Post- Partum Professionals’ Association), USA.

Ante Natal Care Sessions are interactive, informative sessions targeted at mothers-to-be. Lectures, demonstrations and audio-visual aids are used to explain various pregnancy and post-partum issues. It is an important outlet for the expectant mother as she can meet and talk with other women in similar situation and learn about various aspects pertaining to pregnancy and newborns. Suitable exercises with prior approval of the gynecologists are taught here. The session include diet and nutrition, exercise, breathing and relaxation, do’s and don’ts, labor and delivery, post-partum recovery, care and exercise, breast-feeding and newborn care. The sessions are conducted by

Sonali also conducts a Family Session which brings in any interested family member from the pregnant woman’s family – Mom, Dad, Mom-in-law, Dad-in-law, etc. for a healthy discussion to dispel any myths and misconceptions and to answer any queries that they may have. The sessions reportedly have great impact on the comfort level in the households as the generation gap is bridged and doubts are cleared. The regular exercise classes aim at toning the muscles used in labor and delivery and also in helping to alleviate the common pregnancy discomforts.